Definition & Meaning of "WOC"

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woc :
welcome on cam

Usage of WOC

The abbreviation 'WOC' is often used in online communication, particularly in the context of video chatting. It stands for 'welcome on cam', which means that the person who is sending the message is inviting the recipient to turn on their camera and join them in a video chat. By using the abbreviation, the sender can quickly and easily convey their invitation without having to type out the entire phrase.

Examples of WOC used in texting:
1. Hey, WOC? I just set up my camera and I'm ready for our video call!
(Example of WOC used as an invitation to start a video chat)
2. Sorry, I can't WOC tonight – my internet connection is too slow.
(Example of WOC used to decline an invitation to video chat)
3. WOC, I'm so excited to finally see you face-to-face!
(Example of WOC used as a greeting in a video chat)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "woc"

bwoc :
Big Woman On Campus
woc :
welcome on cam
wochit :
watch it

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