Definition & Meaning of "GAW"

What does gaw mean? View the definition of gaw and all related slang terms containing gaw below:

gaw :
grandparents are watching

Usage of GAW

The abbreviation GAW is often used in texting to signal that one's grandparents are watching over their shoulder while they're using their phone. This can be a source of anxiety or embarrassment for some individuals who may not want their grandparents to see certain content or conversations. By using the abbreviation GAW, they can alert the person they are texting to be cautious and mindful of what they say or send, knowing that their grandparents may be watching.

Example of GAW used in texting:

1. "Hey, just a heads up, GAW. Let's not talk about last night's party."

2. "Can we talk later? GAW is sitting right next to me."

3. "Sorry I can't send a picture right now, GAW. I'm visiting them this weekend and don't want to get caught in the act."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gaw"

gaw :
grandparents are watching

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