Definition & Meaning of "WWYDT"

What does wwydt mean? View the definition of wwydt and all related slang terms containing wwydt below:

wwydt :
why would you do that

Usage of WWYDT

The abbreviation "WWYDT" stands for "why would you do that" and is commonly used in text messages or online conversations to express confusion, disbelief, or disapproval towards someone's actions or decisions. It is a quick and informal way to question the reasoning behind a questionable behavior or choice.

Examples of WWYDT used in texting:

1) Friend 1: I just ate a whole pizza by myself!
Friend 2: WWYDT? That's so unhealthy!

2) Parent: I accidentally deleted all the photos from our family trip.
Teenager: WWYDT? You should have backed them up!

3) Roommate: I invited my ex to stay with us for the weekend.
You: WWYDT? That's going to be awkward for everyone.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wwydt"

wwydt :
why would you do that

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