Definition & Meaning of "WHADDYA"

What does whaddya mean? View the definition of whaddya and all related slang terms containing whaddya below:

whaddya :
what do you

Usage of WHADDYA

The abbreviation "WHADDYA" is a shorthand for "what do you." It is used to ask someone's opinion, thoughts, or intentions on a particular topic or situation. This abbreviation is popularly used in text messaging as a way to streamline communication and save time.

Examples of "WHADDYA" used in texting:

1. Hey, WHADDYA think about going to the beach this weekend?
2. WHADDYA want for dinner tonight?
3. WHADDYA say we catch up over coffee tomorrow morning?

These sample text messages demonstrate how "WHADDYA" can be easily substituted for the full phrase "what do you" to convey a similar message in a more concise manner. Essentially, the abbreviation serves as a tool for texting efficiency and convenience.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "whaddya"

whaddya :
what do you

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