Definition & Meaning of "WTFHB"

What does wtfhb mean? View the definition of wtfhb and all related slang terms containing wtfhb below:

wtfhb :
what the f**king hell b***h

Usage of WTFHB

The abbreviation WTFHB is an offensive and vulgar way of expressing frustration or outrage towards someone, specifically a woman. It stands for 'what the f**king hell b***h' and is often used in a confrontational or insulting manner. This abbreviation is not appropriate for polite conversation and should be avoided.

Examples of WTFHB used in texting:

1. Friend: Hey, did you hear about what Julie said about you?
You: WTFHB, I can't believe she would talk crap behind my back like that.

2. Coworker: Can you work overtime tonight?
You: Sorry, I can't. WTFHB, I already have plans with my family.

3. Ex-girlfriend: Why did you break up with me?
You: WTFHB, you cheated on me multiple times and disrespected our relationship.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfhb"

wtfhb :
what the f**king hell b***h

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