Definition & Meaning of "GPWM"

What does gpwm mean? View the definition of gpwm and all related slang terms containing gpwm below:

gpwm :
good point well made

Usage of GPWM

GPWM stands for 'good point well made'. It is an abbreviation commonly used to acknowledge someone's good point in a conversation. It is a way of expressing recognition and appreciation for someone's input or argument. For example, you may use GPWM if someone makes an insightful comment or brings up a valid point in a discussion.

Sample texts:

1. Friend 1: "I think we should consider all of our options before making a decision."
Friend 2: "GPWM!"

2. Colleague 1: "We should really focus on resourcing this project adequately."
Colleague 2: "Yeah, that's a really GPWM."

3. Person 1: "We should look into ways to make our process more efficient."
Person 2: "Definitely, GPWM!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gpwm"

gpwm :
good point well made

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