Definition & Meaning of "IDKWYM"

What does idkwym mean? View the definition of idkwym and all related slang terms containing idkwym below:

idkwym :
I don't know what you mean

Usage of IDKWYM

The abbreviation IDKWYM stands for "I don't know what you mean" and is used in texting as an abbreviation to convey confusion or lack of understanding in a conversation. It's often used when someone is discussing a topic or using a term that is unfamiliar to the person receiving the message. In such instances, instead of asking the other person to repeat themselves, one can simply reply with "IDKWYM" to let them know that they didn't understand the message.

Example of IDKWYM used in texting:
1. Person A: "I just got back from the summer camp."
Person B: "IDKWYM, which summer camp?"

2. Person A: "Have you read the latest bestselling novel?"
Person B: "IDKWYM. I haven't been keeping up with literature."

3. Person A: "The new movie got terrible reviews."
Person B: "IDKWYM, what movie are you talking about?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idkwym"

idkwym :
I don't know what you mean

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