Definition & Meaning of "P0WN"

What does p0wn mean? View the definition of p0wn and all related slang terms containing p0wn below:

p0wn :
make to look bad

Usage of P0WN

The abbreviation P0WN is commonly used in online or texting conversations to mean 'make to look bad'. P0WN is derived from the word 'own', which typically means to have control or dominance over something or someone. P0WN, on the other hand, specifically refers to embarrassing or humiliating someone in front of others.

Examples of P0WN used in texting:
1. "Did you see that comeback I made on John during the group chat? I totally p0wned him!"
2. "I can't believe how badly I p0wned that guy in the debate. He didn't stand a chance."
3. "My little sister thought she could beat me in that game, but I ended up p0wning her instead."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "p0wn"

p0wn :
make to look bad

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