Definition & Meaning of "WTMTR"

What does wtmtr mean? View the definition of wtmtr and all related slang terms containing wtmtr below:

wtmtr :
what's the matter

Usage of WTMTR

The abbreviation WTMTR stands for 'what's the matter.' It is a common abbreviation used in texting to ask someone what is wrong or to inquire about a problem they may be facing. The use of abbreviations like WTMTR is popular among those who text frequently or want to communicate quickly and concisely.

Examples of WTMTR used in texting:

1) Hi, I noticed you've been quiet lately. WTMTR? (Example of WTMTR used to check in on someone who has been distant.)

2) You seem upset. WTMTR? Anything I can help with? (Example of WTMTR used to offer support or assistance.)

3) WTMTR? You seem distracted during our conversation. (Example of WTMTR being used to ask someone if there is a problem during a discussion.)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtmtr"

wtmtr :
what's the matter

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