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80085 :

Usage of 80085

The abbreviation 80085 is a playful way to refer to breasts. It is derived from the numerical digits on a calculator, which, when read upside down, spell out the word 'boobs.' This abbreviation is often used in casual and informal settings to refer to a woman's breasts or as a form of flirting or innuendo.

Example 1:

Person A: "Hey, did you see that girl over there?"
Person B: "Yeah, she's got some serious 80085!"

Example 2:

Person A: "I can't stop staring at her chest."
Person B: "Don't be creepy dude. You're just fixated on the 80085."

Example 3:

Person A: "Hey, what do you think of my new girlfriend?"
Person B: "She's great. And she's definitely got some impressive 80085!"

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80085 :

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