Definition & Meaning of "WTFDYW"

What does wtfdyw mean? View the definition of wtfdyw and all related slang terms containing wtfdyw below:

wtfdyw :
what the f**k do you want

Usage of WTFDYW

The abbreviation WTFDYW is a shorthand way of saying 'what the f**k do you want'. This phrase is typically used in casual and informal conversations, particularly in text messaging or online chats, when someone is frustrated, annoyed or confused about what someone else is trying to get at. It is usually an indication of impatience and disinterest towards the conversation topic or the person initiating it.

Examples of WTFDYW used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Hey dude, can you help me move tomorrow?"
Friend 2: "WTFDYW dude? I have work tomorrow, why are you asking me now?"
2. Person A: "Hey, I was thinking we could go see a movie tonight."
Person B: "WTFDYW... I never said I was free tonight."
3. Guy: "Hey girl, what's up? Can I get your number?"
Girl: "WTFDYW? No, sorry."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfdyw"

wtfdyw :
what the f**k do you want

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