Definition & Meaning of "WNKR"

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wnkr :

Usage of WNKR

Unfortunately, the abbreviation 'WNKR' stands for the derogatory term "wanker". This term is often used to insult someone, particularly in British English slang. It's generally considered offensive and disrespectful, as it's used to suggest that the person being referred to is stupid or incompetent.

Examples of WNKR used in texting:

1. "Did you see that guy at the party last night? Total WNKR." (Example of WNKR used to insult someone)
2. "I can't believe my boss made me work overtime again. What a WNKR move." (Example of WNKR used to express frustration)
3. "I just got called a WNKR by some guy in traffic. Ugh, people can be so rude." (Example of WNKR used to recount a negative interaction)

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wnkr :

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