Definition & Meaning of "GTFBTW"

What does gtfbtw mean? View the definition of gtfbtw and all related slang terms containing gtfbtw below:

gtfbtw :
get the f**k back to work

Usage of GTFBTW

The abbreviation GTFBTW is a vulgar way of telling someone to stop procrastinating and start focusing on their work. It can be seen as a harsh reminder to stay productive and not waste time on irrelevant stuff. The phrase implies a sense of urgency and can be perceived as rude or aggressive, so it’s not recommended to use it in professional or formal settings.

Examples of GTFBTW used in texting:

1. Hey man, I know you're watching Netflix, but GTFBTW, you have a deadline tomorrow morning.

2. Sorry to interrupt your game, but GTFBTW and finish that report you promised to deliver today.

3. I know scrolling on Instagram is tempting, but GTFBTW and reply to that email before your boss starts asking about it.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtfbtw"

gtfbtw :
get the f**k back to work

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