Definition & Meaning of "CWD"

What does cwd mean? View the definition of cwd and all related slang terms containing cwd below:

cwd :
comment when done

Usage of CWD

The abbreviation CWD is a shorthand for 'comment when done', which is a prompt often used in online communication to ask for feedback or an update from someone after they have completed a task. The use of this abbreviation is especially popular on social media platforms and messaging apps where people frequently engage in casual conversations and exchange informal messages.

Examples of CWD used in texting:

1) Hey, can you proofread this document for me? CWD when you're finished.
2) I just sent you the email with the updated schedule. Please check it and CWD if everything looks good.
3) Thanks for reviewing my presentation. I made some revisions, can you take a look again and CWD with any final comments?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "cwd"

cwd :
comment when done
iacwdym :
i am confused what do you mean

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