Definition & Meaning of "ISWYM"

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iswym :
I See What You Mean

Usage of ISWYM

The abbreviation ISWYM stands for 'I See What You Mean.' It is commonly used in texting to indicate that the person understands or agrees with the message or point that has been shared with them. It is a way to acknowledge comprehension and show agreement with someone's perspective or opinion.

Examples of ISWYM used in texting:
1. Friend: "I think we should go to the park instead of the mall today."
You: "ISWYM, the weather is perfect for a picnic at the park."

2. Sibling: "Mom said we need to clean our room before she gets home."
You: "ISWYM, let's get it done quickly so we can relax later."

3. Classmate: "I found a great study guide for the exam tomorrow."
You: "ISWYM, sharing resources always helps us prepare better."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ISWYM"

I See What You Mean

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