Definition & Meaning of "WTFMF"

What does wtfmf mean? View the definition of wtfmf and all related slang terms containing wtfmf below:

wtfmf :
what the f**k mother f**ker

Usage of WTFMF

The abbreviation WTFMF is an explicit and vulgar expression that stands for "what the f**k mother f**ker." It is a slang phrase used to express anger, shock, or disbelief in a situation or towards another person. This abbreviation is commonly used in text messages, social media, and online forums.

Examples of WTFMF used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey bro, did you hear about our basketball game today?
Friend 2: No, what happened?
Friend 1: Coach benched us for some new players. WTFMF

2. Person 1: Can you believe our boss asked us to work on the weekend again?
Person 2: WTFMF, that's so unfair.

3. Sibling 1: You ate my pizza that I had saved in the fridge, didn't you?
Sibling 2: Nope, I didn't eat it.
Sibling 1: WTFMF, I know you did!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfmf"

wtfmf :
what the f**k mother f**ker

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