Definition & Meaning of "WTFIUWY"

What does wtfiuwy mean? View the definition of wtfiuwy and all related slang terms containing wtfiuwy below:

wtfiuwy :
what the f**k is up with you

Usage of WTFIUWY

The abbreviation WTFIUWY is a slang term used in texting and online communication to ask someone what their problem is or what is causing them to behave in a strange or unexpected way. 'What the f**k is up with you' is a more aggressive version of the question 'what's wrong?' and is often used when the person is frustrated or annoyed with the other person.

Examples of WTFIUWY used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, why did you ditch me last night?
Friend 2: Sorry man, I got caught up with something else.
Friend 1: Okay, well WTFIUWY?

2. Person 1: I just saw your ex at the party.
Person 2: Oh really? How was she?
Person 1: She was acting like we were friends again. WTFIUWY?

3. Coworker 1: Did you hear about the new project we're working on?
Coworker 2: No, what's going on?
Coworker 1: Apparently, they want us to start working weekends.
Coworker 2: WTFIUWY? That's ridiculous!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfiuwy"

wtfiuwy :
what the f**k is up with you

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