Definition & Meaning of "WNRN"

What does wnrn mean? View the definition of wnrn and all related slang terms containing wnrn below:

wnrn :
why not right now

Usage of WNRN

The abbreviation WNRN is commonly used in texting and online communications. It stands for "why not right now". This abbreviation is often used to encourage someone to take action and do something without delay. It can also be used to express enthusiasm and a sense of urgency towards a particular activity or opportunity.

Examples of WNRN used in texting:

1) Hey, I heard about this new restaurant that just opened up. WNRN try it out tonight?
2) I've been thinking about booking a trip to Hawaii. WNRN book the tickets now and plan the rest later?
3) I've been putting off going to the gym all week. WNRN go for a quick workout before dinner tonight?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wnrn"

wnrn :
why not right now

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