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tw :
Teacher Watching


Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tw"

0day :
software illegally obtained before it was released
4tw :
for the win
aatw :
all around the world
atw :
All the way
b/t :
b/w :
bfitww :
best friend in the whole world
bm&y :
between you and me
bmay :
between me and you
btw :
by the way
btwilu :
by the way i love you
btwitiailwu :
by the way i think i am in love with you
btwn :
catwot :
complete and total waste of time
ccna :
Cisco Certified Network Associate
eotw :
end of the world
fankle :
area between foot and ankle
fbtw :
Fine Be That Way
fmltwia :
f**k me like the w***e I am
foss :
free, open source software
ftw :
For the win!
gbtw :
go back to work
gtfbtw :
get the f**k back to work
gtgtwn :
Got to go to work now
ibcd :
Idiot between chair & desk
idbtwdsat :
I don't believe they would do such a thing
idlyitw :
i don't like you in that way
iebkac :
issue exists between keyboard and chair
iltwummf :
i love the way you make me feel
iltwymmf :
I love the way you make me feel
inttwmf :
I am Not Typing This With My Fingers
irgtgbtw :
I've really got to get back to work
istwfn :
I stole this word from noslang.com
jbu :
just between us
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
jtwii :
just the way it is.
jtwiw :
just the way it was.
lan :
local area network
latwttb :
laughing all the way to the bank
lmpitw :
let me put it this way
lrt :
last retweet
ltw :
Lead The Way
nic :
Network Interface Card
ntw :
not to worry
obtw :
oh, by the way
oday :
software illegally obtained before it was released
otw :
on the way
pbcakb :
problem between chair and keyboard
pbkc :
Problem between keyboard & chair
pebcak :
Problem Exists Between Chair and Keyboard
pebkac :
problem exists between keyboard and chair
pebmac :
Problem Exist Between monitor and chair
psn :
playstation netwok
ptw :
play to win
rbtl :
Read between the lines
rotw :
rest of the world
RT :
sde :
software defined environment
sdk :
Software Development Kit
sdlc :
Software Development Life Cycle
stfugbtw :
shut the f**k up and get back to work
stw :
share the wealth
teotwawki :
the end of the world as we know it
tgfitw :
The Greatest Fans In The World
tiatwtcc :
this is a trap word to catch copiers
tw :
Teacher Watching
twajs :
That was a joke, son.
twat :
twbc :
that would be cool
twdah :
that was dumb as hell
twf :
That was funny
twfaf :
thats what friends are for
twg :
That was great
twi :
Texting While Intoxicated
twis :
that's what I said
twoh :
typing with one hand
tws2wa :
That was so 2 weeks ago
twss :
That's what she said
twsy :
That was so yeterday
twttr :
twvsoy :
that was very stupid of you
twyl :
Talk With You Later
twys :
Talk With You Soon
urtbitw :
You are the best in the world!
urtw :
you are the worst
utw :
used to work
vnc :
Virtual Network Computing
warez :
illegally obtained software
witw :
what in the world
witwct :
What is the world coming too
witwu :
who is there with you
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking
wotw :
word of the week
wtwm :
what time are we meeting?
wtwr :
well that was random
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
yatwl :
you are the weakest link
yctwuw :
you can think what you want
yolt :
you only live twice

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