Definition & Meaning of "GTGTWN"

What does gtgtwn mean? View the definition of gtgtwn and all related slang terms containing gtgtwn below:

gtgtwn :
Got to go to work now

Usage of GTGTWN

The abbreviation GTGTWN is a popular abbreviation used in texting and online messaging platforms. It is a way to quickly communicate to someone that you have to leave the conversation or stop messaging because you need to go to work. The abbreviation is used mostly in informal conversations with friends, family, and colleagues.

Examples of GTGTWN used in texting:

1. Friend: "Hey, wanna hang out later?"
You: "Sure, but GTGTWN first, see you later!"

2. Colleague: "Can you finish up that report by tonight?"
You: "I'll try my best, but GTGTWN now. Talk to you soon!"

3. Family Member: "How was your day, dear?"
You: "It was good, but I GTGTWN, have a meeting in 10. Love you!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gtgtwn"

gtgtwn :
Got to go to work now

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