Definition & Meaning of "WEG"

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weg :
wicked evil grin

Usage of WEG

The abbreviation WEG is a playful way to express a wicked or evil grin. In text messaging, WEG is often used when someone wants to convey a sense of mischief or sarcasm. It is a lighthearted way to indicate that you are laughing at something that may not be all that funny.

Example 1:
Friend 1: Did you hear about the prank we played on Tom?
Friend 2: No, what happened?
Friend 1: We covered his desk in post-it notes
Friend 2: WEG, that's hilarious!

Example 2:
Person A: I can't believe I ate the whole pizza by myself
Person B: WEG, I've done that before too!

Example 3:
Friend 1: Hey, did you see that meme I sent you?
Friend 2: WEG, yeah I did. It was pretty funny!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "weg"

vweg :
very wicked evil grin
weg :
wicked evil grin

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