25 Internet Slang Terms All Parents Should Know:

Do you know what these terms mean? Your kids do!
Chances are they're using them online to talk to their friends. Some of them may shock you.
(sometimes used letters are in parentheses)

Also, make sure you read the What Every Parent Must Know article.

Top 25 Text Slang Terms For Parents:

ASL(R P)Age Sex Location (Race / Picture)
BF / GFBoyfriend / Girlfriend
BRBBe Right Back
CD9Code 9 - means parents are around
GNOCGet Naked on Cam (webcam)
GTGGot to Go
IDKI don't know
(L)MIRL (Lets) meet in real life
LOL Laugh Out Loud
MorFMale or Female
MOSMom Over Shoulder
NIFOCNaked in Front of Computer
NoobNewbie - often an insult to somebody who doesn't know much about something.
NMUNot much, you?
P911Parent Emergency
PAWParents are Watching
PIRParent In Room
POSParent Over Shoulder
PRWParents Are Watching
S2RSend To Recieve (pictures)
TDTMTalk Dirty To Me
WarezPirated Software
WTFWhat the Fuck?

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