Definition & Meaning of "WOE"

What does woe mean? View the definition of woe and all related slang terms containing woe below:

woe :
what on earth

Usage of WOE

In texting, the abbreviation WOE is used as an abbreviation for 'what on earth'. It is often used to express disbelief or surprise at a situation or information. For example, someone might use the term WOE when they receive unexpected news, encounter a strange situation, or are confused about something.

Examples of WOE used in texting:
1. "WOE, I can't believe I just got fired from my job."
2. "WOE, did you hear that the concert got cancelled?"
3. "WOE, I have no idea how to solve this math problem."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "woe"

woe :
what on earth

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