Definition & Meaning of "WDUT"

What does wdut mean? View the definition of wdut and all related slang terms containing wdut below:

wdut :
what do you think?

Usage of WDUT

The abbreviation WDUT is often used in texting as a way of asking someone's opinion or thoughts on a particular topic. It is an abbreviation for the question "what do you think?" and is commonly used in casual conversations or when seeking input from others.

Examples of WDUT used in texting:
1) Friend 1: "Hey, I'm thinking about dying my hair pink. WDUT?"
Friend 2: "Hmm, I think it could look really cool! Go for it if it's what you want."

2) Colleague 1: "I'm considering asking for a raise at work. WDUT?"
Colleague 2: "Well, it's always worth a try! Just make sure you have a good argument for why you deserve it."

3) Sibling 1: "I'm torn between two different colleges to attend. WDUT?"
Sibling 2: "That's a tough decision. Have you made a list of pros and cons for each one?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wdut"

wdut :
what do you think?
wdutom :
what do you think of me

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