Definition & Meaning of "WTFRUO"

What does wtfruo mean? View the definition of wtfruo and all related slang terms containing wtfruo below:

wtfruo :
what the f**k are you on?

Usage of WTFRUO

The abbreviation WTFRUO is commonly used in texting and stands for 'what the f**k are you on?' It is typically used when someone says or does something that seems bizarre or out of the ordinary, and you're trying to understand their thought process or reasoning behind it.

Example 1:
Friend A: I'm thinking of dyeing my hair pink and getting a nose ring
Friend B: WTFRUO?

Example 2:
Mom: I just signed up for pole dancing classes
Daughter: WTFRUO, Mom?

Example 3:
Coworker: I can't come to work tomorrow, I'm taking my cat to the dentist.

These are examples of how the abbreviation WTFRUO can be used in texting to express confusion or disbelief towards someone's behaviour or decisions.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wtfruo"

wtfruo :
what the f**k are you on?

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