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Usage of PWNZ

The abbreviation PWNZ is a slang word that means 'owns'. It is generally used in online gaming communities to indicate that someone has completely dominated their opponent. However, it has also become a common abbreviation used in texts and social media to denote superiority over someone or something.

Example of PWNZ used in texting:
1. "I just completely PWNZ'd that exam! Aced every question!" (Example of PWNZ used in texting to show personal achievement)
2. "Did you see the game last night? Our team PWNZ'd the competition!" (Example of PWNZ used in texting to show team achievement)
3. "Sorry, can't go out tonight. I'm gonna be PWNZ'd by a massive workload." (Example of PWNZ used in texting to show being overwhelmed or outmatched)

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pwnz :

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