Definition & Meaning of "OGW"

What does ogw mean? View the definition of ogw and all related slang terms containing ogw below:

ogw :
oh guess what

Usage of OGW

OGW stands for "Oh Guess What," an expression used when someone wants to tell someone else about something exciting or interesting. It is typically used in text or verbal conversations with friends and family. OGW functions as an abbreviation for "Oh Guess What," allowing its users to communicate more quickly and informally without having to type or say the full phrase.

Sample text messages:

1. OGW - I got an A on my math test!
2. Hey! OGW - I just got a job offer!
3. TGIF - OGW - I got tickets to an awesome concert this weekend!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ogw"

ogw :
oh guess what

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