Definition & Meaning of "GWM"

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gwm :
gay white male

Usage of GWM

The term GWM is an abbreviation that stands for 'gay white male'. It is commonly used to describe a man who is of Caucasian ethnicity and identifies as gay or homosexual. This abbreviation is often used in online dating profiles or social media profiles to indicate one's sexual preference and/or ethnicity.

Example of GWM used in texting:

1. "I'm tired of swiping through so many GWM profiles on this dating app."
2. "My friend set me up on a blind date with a GWM he knows from work."
3. "Did you see that new romantic comedy movie with the GWM lead actor? He was hilarious!"

Examples of GWM used in texting

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gwm"

dyw2gwm :
do you want to go with me
gwm :
gay white male
wygwm :
will you go with me

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