Definition & Meaning of "GGWP"

What does ggwp mean? View the definition of ggwp and all related slang terms containing ggwp below:

ggwp :
Good Game Well-Played

Usage of GGWP

The abbreviation GGWP is a common expression used in online gaming to show sportsmanship and respect towards opponents. The term essentially means "Good Game Well-Played" indicating that the game was enjoyable and both sides played well. It is often used at the end of a match or game and is seen as a sign of good etiquette in the gaming community.

Examples of GGWP used in texting:
1. "Thanks for the game, GGWP! You really gave me a run for my money."
2. "I may have lost, but that was a fun match! GGWP to you."
3. "Great gaming session! Let's do it again soon, GGWP."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ggwp"

ggwp :
Good Game Well-Played

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