Definition & Meaning of "WUTS"

What does wuts mean? View the definition of wuts and all related slang terms containing wuts below:

wuts :
what is

Usage of WUTS

The abbreviation WUTS is commonly used in texting conversations, and it stands for 'what is.' It's a quick and easy way to ask for clarification or information on a topic. This abbreviation is especially useful when you need a quick answer and don't want to type out the entire question. It's also commonly used when asking for definitions or explanations of unfamiliar words or concepts.

Examples of WUTS used in texting:
1. Example of WUTS used in texting: "Hey, I heard you talking about a new movie. WUTS it about?"
2. Example of WUTS used in texting: "I don't understand this math question. WUTS the formula for solving it?"
3. Example of WUTS used in texting: "I'm not familiar with that term. WUTS the definition?"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wuts"

wuts :
what is

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