Definition & Meaning of "IKWUM"

What does ikwum mean? View the definition of ikwum and all related slang terms containing ikwum below:

ikwum :
I know what you meant

Usage of IKWUM

The abbreviation IKWUM is a shorthand way of saying "I know what you meant." It's a useful phrase in the digital age, where communication often takes place via text or instant message, and can be easily misinterpreted if not properly conveyed. By using IKWUM, you are acknowledging that you understand the intended message, even if the wording or grammar wasn't perfect.

Example of IKWUM used in texting:
1. A: Hey, can you grab me a hamburger from McDonald's?
B: Sure, you want fries with that?
A: Yes, please!
B: Great, be there in 10.
A: Actually, I meant Burger King, but IKWUM.

2. A: I'm so tired, I could sleep for days.
B: Same here, it's been a long week.
A: I meant that I'm excited for our trip tomorrow, but IKWUM.

3. A: I can't believe the teacher gave us so much homework!
B: I know, it's like they want us to fail.
A: Actually, I meant to say how grateful I am for their dedication to our education, but IKWUM.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ikwum"

ikwum :
I know what you meant

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