Definition & Meaning of "WDYT"

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wdyt :
what do you think

Usage of WDYT

In the world of texting and online communication, abbreviations are a common way to improve speed and convenience. One such abbreviation is "WDYT," which is short for "what do you think." This abbreviation is often used as a way to gather opinions or seek feedback on a particular topic or decision.

Examples of WDYT used in texting:

1. Person A: Hey, I'm thinking about getting a new phone. WDYT about the iPhone 12?
Person B: I've heard good things about it. It's definitely a popular choice.

2. Person A: I'm not sure if I should go to the party tonight. WDYT?
Person B: It depends on how you're feeling. Do you want to go and have a good time, or would you rather stay in?

3. Person A: I'm considering changing my major to psychology. What are your thoughts? WDYT?
Person B: I think it's a great idea if it's something you're passionate about. It's always good to follow your interests and pursue what makes you happy.

Examples of WDYT used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "wdyt"

wdyt :
what do you think
wdytia :
who do you think i am?

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