Internet & Text Slang Starting With W

Below is a list of internet slang and text slang terms or acronyms starting with the letter W. To view other internet slang or acronyms, click on another letter below or use the search box above.

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swswta :
so what should we talk about
W :
w'sup :
what's up
w.b.s. :
Write Back Soon
w.e :
w.e. :
w.o.w :
World of Warcraft
w.o.w. :
world of warcraft
w/ :
w/b :
write back
w/e :
w/end :
w/eva :
w/o :
with out
w/out :
w/u :
with you
w00t :
w2d :
what to do
w2f :
want to f**k
w2g :
Way to go
w2ho :
want to hang out
w2m :
want to meet
w33d :
w8 :
w8am :
wait a minute
w8ing :
w8n :
w8t4me :
wait for me
w8ter :
w911 :
Wife in room
wab :
what a b***h
wad :
without a doubt
wad ^ :
what's up?
waddup :
what's up
wadr :
with all due respect
wadzup :
What's up?
waf :
weird as f**k
wafda :
What a f**king Dumb Ass
wafl :
what a f**king loser
wafm :
wait a f**king minute
wafn :
what a f**ken noob
wai :
what an idiot
waiotc :
why am I on this chat
waloc :
what a load of crap
walstib :
what a long strange trip it's been
wam :
wait a minute
wamh :
with all my heart
wan2tlk :
Want to talk
wana :
want to
wanafuk :
wanna f**k
Wank :
wanker :
wanking :
wanna :
want to
wansta :
wanna be ganster
wap :
wet ass p***y
warez :
illegally obtained software
wassup :
what's up?
wasup :
What's Up
was^ :
What's Up
wat :
wat's^ :
Whats Up
watcha :
what are you
watev :
wateva :
watevr :
watevs :
watp :
We Are The People
wats :
wats ^ :
whats up
wats^ :
what's up?
watz ^ :
What's up
wau :
what about you
Waud :
What are you doing
Waudrn :
What are you doing right now
waug :
Where are you going
wauw :
what are you wearing
wau^2 :
what are you up to?
waw :
what a w***e
waycb :
when are you coming back
Waycm :
Why are you calling me
wayd :
what are you doing
waydt :
What are you doing tonight
waygow :
who are you going out with
wayh :
why are you here
wayn :
Where Are You Now
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
waysw :
Why are you so weird
wayt :
What are you thinking?
wayta :
what are you talking about
wayut :
what are you up to
waz :
what is
waz ^ :
what's up
wazz :
wazza :
what's up
wazzup :
what's up
waz^ :
what's up?
wb :
welcome back
wbagnfarb :
would be a good name for a rock band
wbb :
will be back
wbbs :
will be back soon
wbk :
Welcome Back
wbp :
Welcome Back Partner
wbrb :
Will be right back
wbs :
write back soon
wbu :
what about you
wby :
what about you
wc :
who cares
wc3 :
Warcraft III
wcb :
welcome back
wcm :
Women Crush Monday
wcutm :
what can you tell me
wcw :
webcam w***e
wd :
well done
wdf :
Worth Dying For
wdhlm :
why doesnt he love me?
wdidn :
what do i do now
wdim :
What Did I miss
wdk :
We Don't Know
wdtm :
what does that mean
wduc :
what do you care
why did you do that
wdug :
where did you go
wdum :
what do you mean
wdus :
What Did You Say
wdut :
what do you think?
wdutom :
what do you think of me
wduw :
what do you want
wduwta :
what do you wanna talk about
wduwtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdwdn :
what do we do now
wdwgw :
where did we go wrong
wdya :
why do you ask
wdydt :
why do you do that
Wdydtm :
What did you do to me
wdye :
What do you expect
wdyl :
who do you like
wdym :
what do you mean
wdys :
What did you say
wdyt :
what do you think
wdytia :
who do you think i am?
wdyw :
what do you want
wdywd :
what do you want to do?
wdywfm :
what do you want from me
wdywta :
what do you wanna talk about
wdywtd :
what do you want to do
wdywtdt :
Why Do You Want To Do That?
wdywtta :
what do you want to talk about
wdywttab :
What do you want to talk about
webby :
weg :
wicked evil grin
welc :
wen :
werkz :
wev :
weve :
what ever
wevr :
Wfau :
Who f**king asked you
wfh :
Working From Home
wfhw :
what's for homework
wfm :
Works For Me
wfyb :
whatever floats your boat
wg :
wicked gril
wgac :
who gives a crap
wgaf :
Who gives a f**k
wgas :
who gives a s**t
wgasa :
who gives a s**t anyway
wgo :
what's going on
wgph2 :
Want to go play Halo 2?
wha :
whaddya :
what do you
What'cha :
What are you
whatcha :
what are you
whatev :
whatevs :
whats ^ :
whats up
what^ :
what's up?
whenevs :
whevah :
where ever
whever :
whf :
Wanna have fun?
whit :
whodi :
whr :
whs :
wanna have sex
wht :
whteva :
what ever
whteve :
whtever :
whtevr :
whtvr :
wht^ :
what up
whubu2 :
what have you been up to
whubut :
what have you been up to
whut :
whyb :
where have you been
whyd :
What Have You Done
wibta :
would I be the a**h**e
wid :
widout :
wieu2 :
What Is Everyone Up To
wif :
wifu :
where I f**ked up
wiid :
what if i did
wilco :
will comply
winnar :
wio :
wip :
Work In progress
wit :
witcha :
with you
witfp :
What is the f**king point
witu :
with you
witw :
what in the world
witwct :
What is the world coming too
witwu :
who is there with you
witwwyt :
what in the world were you thinking
wiu :
What is up?
wiuwu :
what is up with you
wiv :
wiw :
wife is watching
wiwhu :
wish I was holding you
wiwt :
wish i was there
Wiwwy :
What is wrong with you
Wiyn :
What is your name
wiyp :
what is your problem
wjwd :
What Jesus Would Do
wk :
wkd :
wkend :
wl :
wlc :
wlcb :
welcome back
wlcm :
wld :
wlkd :
wlos :
wife looking over Shoulder
wltm :
would like to meet
wmao :
working my ass off
wmd :
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
wmgl :
wish me good luck
wml :
Wish Me Luck
wmts :
we must talk soon
wmyb :
What Makes You Beautiful
wmytic :
What makes you think I care
wn :
wna :
want to
wnkr :
wnrn :
why not right now
wnt :
wntd :
what not to do
woa :
word of advice
woc :
welcome on cam
wochit :
watch it
woe :
what on earth
woft :
Waste of f**king time
wogge :
what on god's green earth?
wogs :
waste of good sperm
wolo :
we only live once
wom :
word of mouth
wombat :
waste of money, brains, and time
woot :
wos :
Waste of space
wot :
wotevs :
wotv :
What's on Television?
wotw :
word of the week
woum :
what's on your mind
wp :
wrong person
wpe :
worst president ever (Bush)
wrd :
wrdo :
wrgad :
who really gives a damn
wrgaf :
Who really gives a f**k?
wrk :
wrm :
which reminds me
wrng :
wrt :
with regard to
wrtg :
wrthls :
wru :
where are you
wrud :
what are you doing
wruf :
where are you from
wruu2 :
what are you up to
wryd :
what are you doing
wsb :
wanna cyber?
wsf :
we should f**k
wshtf :
when s**t hits the fan
wsi :
why should I
wsibt :
when should i be there
wsidi :
Why Should I Do It
wsop :
world series of poker
Wss :
Why so sad
wswta :
What shall we talk about?
wtaf :
What the actual f**k
wtb :
Want to buy
wtbd :
what's the big deal
wtbh :
What the bloody hell
wtc :
what the crap
wtcf :
what the crazy f**k
wtd :
what the deuce
What the expletive
wtf :
what the f**k
wtfaud :
what the f**k are you doing?
wtfay :
who the f**k are you
wtfayd :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfayt :
why the f**k are you talking
wtfayta :
What the f**k are you talking about?
wtfb :
what the f**k b***h
wtfbs :
What the f**k bull s**t
wtfc :
Who The f**k Cares
wtfdik :
what the f**k do i know
wtfdtm :
What the f**k does that mean
wtfdum :
what the f**k do you mean
wtfduw :
What the f**k do you want?
wtfdym :
what the f**k do you mean
wtfdyw :
what the f**k do you want
wtfe :
What The f**k Ever
wtfever :
what the f**k ever
wtfg :
What the f**king god
wtfh :
what the f**king hell
wtfhb :
what the f**king hell b***h
wtfhwt :
what the f**king hell was that
wtfigo :
what the f**k is going on
wtfigoh :
what the f**k is going on here
wtfit :
what the f**k is that
wtfits :
what the f**k is this s**t
wtfiu :
what the f**k is up
wtfiup :
what the f**k is your problem
wtfiuwy :
what the f**k is up with you
wtfiwwu :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiwwy :
what the f**k is wrong with you
wtfiyp :
what the f**k is your problem
wtfm :
what the f**k, mate?
wtfmf :
what the f**k mother f**ker
wtfo :
what the f**k over
wtfru :
what the f**k are you
wtfrud :
What the f**k are you doing?
wtfrudng :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfrudoin :
what the f**k are you doing
wtfruo :
what the f**k are you on?
wtfruttd :
what the f**k are you trying to do
wtfs :
what the f**king s**t?
wtfuah :
what the f**k you a**h**e
wtful :
What the f**k you loser
wtfwjd :
what the f**k would jesus do
wtfwt :
what the f**k was that
wtfwtd :
what the f**k was that dude
wtfwtf :
what the f**k was that for?
Wtfwydt :
Why the f**k would you do that
wtfya :
what the f**k you a**h**e
wtfyb :
what the f**k you b***h
wtg :
way to go
wtgds :
way to go dumb s**t
wtgp :
Want to go Private
wth :
what the heck
wtharud :
what the heck are you doing
wthau :
who the hell are you
wthauwf :
what the hell are you waiting for
wthay :
who the hell are you
wthayd :
what the heck are you doing
wthaydwmgf :
what the hell are you doing with my girlfriend
wthdyd :
what the hell did you do
wthdydt :
why the hell did you do that
wthdym :
what the hell do you mean
wthhyb :
where the hell have you been?
wthigo :
what the hell is going on
wthiwwu :
What the hell is wrong with you
wtho :
want to hang out?
wthru :
Who the heck are you
wthrud :
what the hell are you doing?
wths :
want to have sex
wthswm :
want to have sex with me
wthwt :
what the hell was that?
wthwut :
what the hell were you thinking
wthyi :
what the hell you idiot
wtii :
what time is it
wtiiot :
What time is it over there?
wtiiwua :
what time is it where you are
wtityb :
whatever, tell it to your blog
wtly :
Welcome to last year
Wtm :
What's the move
wtmf :
what the mother f**k
wtmfh :
what the mother f**king hell
wtmi :
way too much information
wtmtr :
what's the matter
wtp :
where's the party
Want to play Roblox
wtrud :
what are you doing
wts :
want to sell
wtt :
want to trade
wtta :
what to talk about
wttp :
want to trade pictures?
wtv :
wtva :
wtvr :
Wtw :
What's the word
wtwm :
what time are we meeting?
wtwr :
well that was random
Word To Your Mother
wu :
what's up
wu :
what's up?
wu2kilu :
want you to know I love you
wub :
wubmgf :
Will You Be My Girlfriend?
wubu2 :
what you been up to
wubut :
what you been up too
what you see is what you get
wud :
wudev :
wudn :
what you doing now
wufa :
where you from again
Wugd :
What you guys doing
wugowm :
will you go out with me
wula :
what you looking at?
wuld :
wuny :
wait until next year
wussup :
What is up?
wut :
wutb :
What are you talking about
wutcha :
What are you
wuteva :
wutevr :
what ever
wuts :
what is
wutup :
What's Up
wuu2 :
what you up too
wuu2 :
what you up to
wuu22m :
what you up to tomorrow
wuup2 :
what you up to
wuut :
what you up to
wuv :
wuwh :
Wish you were here
wuwt :
what's up with that
wuwta :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtab :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtb :
what do you want to talk about
wuwtta :
what you want to talk about
wuwttb :
What you want to talk about
wuwu :
what up with you
wuza :
what's up
wuzup :
what's up
WW2 :
World War 2
wwc :
who would care
wwcnd :
What would Chuck Norris do
wwdhd :
What would David Hasselhoff do
wwe :
World Wrestling Entertainment
wwg1wga :
where we go one we go all
wwgf :
when we gonna f**k
wwhw :
when where how why
wwikt :
why would i know that
wwjd :
what would jesus do?
wwt :
what was that
wwtf :
what was that for
wwudtm :
what would you do to me
wwut :
what were you thinking
www :
world wide web
wwwu :
whats wrong with you
wwwy :
what's wrong with you
wwy :
where were you
wwycm :
when will you call me
wwyd :
what would you do?
wwyd2m :
what would you do to me
wwygac :
write when you get a chance
wwyt :
What were you thinking
wy :
wya :
Where you at?
wyas :
wow you are stupid
wyatb :
wish you all the best
wyauimg :
Why you all up in my grill?
wyb :
Watch your back
wybts :
were you born this sexy
wyc :
will you come
wycm :
Will You Call Me
wyd :
what are you doing
wyd2dy :
what are you doing today
Wydt :
What you doing there
wyg :
will you go
wygac :
when you get a chance
wygam :
When you get a minute
wygowm :
Will you go out with me
wygwm :
will you go with me
wyhi :
Would You Hit It?
wyhswm :
would you have sex with me
wylion :
whether you like it or not
wyltk :
wouldn't you like to know
wylym :
Watch Your Language Young Man
wym :
What You Mean?
wymm :
will you marry me
wyn :
What's your name
wyp :
what's your problem?
wypsu :
will you please shut up
wys :
wow you're stupid
wysiayg :
what you see is all you get
wysitwirl :
what you see is totally worthless in real life
wysiwyg :
what you see is what you get
wytb :
wish you the best
What you trying to do
Wyut :
What you up to
wyw :
What You Want
wywh :
wish you were here
wywo :
while you were out
wywtta :
What you want to talk about
w\e :