Definition & Meaning of "FAAFO"

What does faafo mean? View the definition of faafo and all related slang terms containing faafo below:

faafo :
f**k around and find out

Usage of FAAFO

The abbreviation FAAFO is an aggressive and confrontational phrase that essentially means that if someone is messing around or trying to provoke a confrontation, they will face the consequences of their actions. It implies that someone should be prepared to deal with the consequences if they insist on pushing boundaries or testing the limits of others. This phrase is often used in situations where someone is challenging another person, and it is meant to warn them of the potential risks they face.

Example of FAAFO used in texting:

1. Person A: "Hey man, you better back off or you'll get hurt."
Person B: "FAAFO, I'm not afraid of you."

2. Person A: "I heard you were talking s**t about me."
Person B: "FAAFO, I'll say whatever I want."

3. Person A: "You're not gonna like what's gonna happen if you keep messing with me."
Person B: "FAAFO, I'm not scared of your threats."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "faafo"

faafo :
f**k around and find out

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