Internet & Text Slang Starting With J

Below is a list of internet slang and text slang terms or acronyms starting with the letter J. To view other internet slang or acronyms, click on another letter below or use the search box above.

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j-c :
just chilling
j/a :
Just Asking
j/c :
just curious
j/j :
just joking
j/k :
just kidding
j/o :
j/p :
just playing
j/s :
just saying
j/t :
just talking
j/w :
just wondering
j00r :
j2bs :
just to be sure
j2c :
just too cute
j2f :
just too funny
j2luk :
just to let you know
j2lyk :
just to let you know
j4f :
just for fun
j4g :
just for grins
j4l :
just for laughs
j4u :
just for you
jalaudlm :
just as long as you don't leave me
jas :
just a second
jb :
Just being honest
jbu :
just between us
jc :
just curious
jcam :
just checking away message
jcath :
Just chilling at the house
jdfi :
Just f**king do it
jdi :
just do it
jebus :
jeomk :
Just ejaculated on my keyboard
jf :
just fooling
jfa :
just f**king around
jfc :
Jesus f**king Christ
jfdi :
Just f**king Do It!
jff :
just for fun
jfg :
just for giggles
jfgi :
just f**king google it
jfi :
just forget it
jfj :
jump for joy
jfk :
Just f**king kidding
jfl :
just for laughs
jflts :
just felt like typing something
jfn :
just for now
jfo :
just f**k off
jfr :
Just for reference
jftr :
just for the record
jfu :
just for you
jfwy :
just f**king with you
jg2h :
just go to hell
jgiyn :
Just google it you noob
jgs :
just getting started
jgtfooh :
just get the f**k out of here
jh :
Just hanging
jhm :
just hold me
jho :
just hanging out
jic :
just in case
jit :
just in time
jizz :
jj :
just joking
jj/k :
just joking
jja :
just joking around
jk :
just kidding
jka :
just kidding around
jking :
jkl :
just kidding loser
jklol :
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
jkn :
jks :
jkz :
jlma :
just leave me alone
jlt :
just like that
jm :
Just Messing
jma :
just messing around
jml :
just my luck
jmo :
just my opinion
jms :
just making sure
jom :
just one minuite
jooc :
just out of curiosity
jooce :
joor :
jp :
just playing
js :
just saying
jsa :
just stop already
jsing :
just saying
jst :
jsuk :
just so you know
jsun :
Just so you know
jsut :
jsyk :
Just so you know
jsyn :
just so you know
jtay :
just thinking about you
jtbs :
Just To Be Sure
jtc :
Join the club
jtfo :
joke the f**k out
jtluk :
just to let you know
jtlyk :
just to let you know
jtoi :
just thought of it
jtol :
just thinking out loud
Jts :
Just to say
jttsiowctw :
just testing to see if other websites copy this word
jtty :
just to tell you
jtumltk :
just thought you might like to know
jtwii :
just the way it is.
jtwiw :
just the way it was.
jtyltk :
just thought you'd like to know
jtysk :
just thought you should know
jumping the couch :
acting strange
jus :
juss :
juz :
juzt :
jw :
just wondering
jw2k :
just wanted to know
jwas :
just wait a second
jwing :
just wondering
jwtlyk :
Just wanted to let you know
jyfihp :
jam your finger in her p***y