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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tm"

2tm :
to the max
alaytm :
as long as you tell me
atm :
at the moment
btm :
cmitm :
Call me in the morning
cotm :
check out this myspace
ctm :
chuckle to myself
dttm :
don't talk to me
dttml :
don't talk to me loser
dutma :
don't you text me again
dywtmusw :
do you want to meet up some where
etmda :
Explain it to my dumb ass
fotm :
Flavour of the month
ftm :
female to male
ftmfw :
for the mother f**king win
ftmp :
For the most part
gtm :
giggling to myself
gyaitmfhrnbibya :
get your ass in the mother f**king house right now before i beat your ass
intpftpotm :
I nominate this post for the post of the month
ilyttmab :
i love you to the moon and back
lgtm :
looks good to me
lqtm :
Laugh quietly to myself
lqtms :
Laughing quietly to myself
lrqtms :
laughing really quietly to myself
ltm :
listen to me
ltmq :
Laugh To Myself Quietly
ltms :
Laughing to my self
natm :
not at the minute
nhatm :
not here at the moment
nitm :
Not in the mood
ntm :
not to much
ntmk :
Not to my knowledge
ntmu :
nice to meet you
ntmy :
nice to meet you
Ptmh2dt :
Please teach me how to do that
qltm :
quietly laughing to myself
rtm :
read the manual
sgtm :
sounds good to me
sitmf :
say it to my face
smtm :
sqtm :
snickering quietly to myself
stm :
smiling to myself
tdtm :
Talk Dirty To Me
tdtml :
talk dirty to me later
tma :
take my advice
tmaai :
tell me all about it
tmai :
tell me about it
tmbi :
tell me about it
tmi :
too much information
tmk :
to my knowledge
tml :
tell me later
tmmrw :
tmnt :
teenage mutant ninja turtles
tmo :
take me out
tmoro :
tmoz :
tmp :
Text my phone
tmr :
[email protected] :
the monkeys are at it again
tmrrw :
tmrw :
tmrz :
tms :
that makes sense
tmsaisti :
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
tmsg :
tell me something good
tmsidk :
tell me somthing I don't know
tmth :
too much to handle
tmtmo :
text me tomorrow
tmtoyh :
Too Much Time On Your Hands
tmtt :
tell me the truth
tmw :
Too much work
tmwfi :
Take my word for it
tmz :
totm :
top of the morning
ttm :
talk to me
ttml :
talk to me later
ttmn :
Talk to me now
ttms :
talking to myself
ttyitm :
talk to you in the morning
ttytm :
talk to you tomorrow
utm :
you tell me
uttm :
you talking to me?
waysttm :
why are you still talking to me
wcutm :
what can you tell me
wdtm :
what does that mean
wltm :
would like to meet
wtfdtm :
What the f**k does that mean
wtmf :
what the mother f**k
wtmfh :
what the mother f**king hell
wtmi :
way too much information
wtmtr :
what's the matter
wwudtm :
what would you do to me
txtms :
text me soon
ydtm :
You're dead to me
ysitm :
your shirt is too small
ytm :
you tell me
ytmnd :
You're the man now, dog!

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