Definition & Meaning of "FTMP"

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ftmp :
For the most part

Usage of FTMP

The abbreviation FTMP, when used in texting or online conversations, means 'For the most part'. It is typically used to indicate that something is generally true or mostly accurate, but there may be some exceptions or caveats to consider. The abbreviation is often used in casual conversations where brevity and convenience are important.

Example 1 of FTMP used in texting:
Person A: Hey, did you like the movie?
Person B: FTMP, yeah. The ending was a bit confusing though.

Example 2 of FTMP used in texting:
Person A: Do you think he's a good teacher?
Person B: FTMP, he's pretty knowledgeable but he can be a bit disorganized at times.

Example 3 of FTMP used in texting:
Person A: Are you excited for the concert tonight?
Person B: FTMP, yes. Although I'm a little nervous about finding parking in the crowded area.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ftmp"

ftmp :
For the most part

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