Definition & Meaning of "TTMN"

What does ttmn mean? View the definition of ttmn and all related slang terms containing ttmn below:

ttmn :
Talk to me now

Usage of TTMN

The abbreviation TTMN is used in text messaging to convey the urgency of wanting someone to talk to you immediately. It is often used when a person needs to vent, share important news, or just simply wants someone to connect with. It is a straightforward and concise way to express that you need the other person's attention right away.

Examples of TTMN used in texting:
1. Hey, I just got home from a terrible day at work. Can you TTMN?
(Example of TTMN used to express the need for emotional support)
2. I need your help with something important. Can you TTMN and we can discuss it?
(Example of TTMN used to convey the urgency of a matter)
3. Hey, did you hear about the surprise party for Sarah this weekend? TTMN and I'll give you the details.
(Example of TTMN used to share exciting news and engage in conversation)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ttmn"

ttmn :
Talk to me now

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