Definition & Meaning of "TMAI"

What does tmai mean? View the definition of tmai and all related slang terms containing tmai below:

tmai :
tell me about it

Usage of TMAI

The abbreviation TMAI is a popular phrase used in text messages and online conversations. It stands for "tell me about it" and is often used to express empathy or agreement with someone's statement or situation. The phrase is commonly used to show that the speaker understands the other person's point of view or has experienced a similar situation. It is a simple and relatable way to connect with others and show support.

Examples of TMAI used in texting:

1. Friend 1: I can't believe my boss made me work overtime again.
Friend 2: TMAI, my boss does the same thing to me all the time.

2. Person 1: Dealing with anxiety is so exhausting.
Person 2: TMAI, I struggle with it too. It's tough.

3. Co-worker 1: Ugh, I'm so sick of these Zoom meetings.
Co-worker 2: TMAI, I feel like I spend all day on video calls now.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tmai"

tmai :
tell me about it

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