Definition & Meaning of "TMP"

What does tmp mean? View the definition of tmp and all related slang terms containing tmp below:

tmp :
Text my phone

Usage of TMP

The abbreviation TMP is a shorthand for 'Text my phone.' This abbreviation is commonly used in text messaging to request someone to send a message to your phone number. By using TMP, you can conveniently ask someone to send an important or urgent message to your phone without having to spell out the whole phrase.

Examples of TMP used in texting:

1. Example of TMP used in texting:
Hey, I'm heading into a meeting now, could you TMP the directions to the venue to me?

2. Example of TMP used in texting:
Sorry, I can't talk right now, could you TMP me the details about the project we're working on?

3. Example of TMP used in texting:
Can you TMP me the pictures from our trip? I'd like to keep them for memories.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tmp"

ftmp :
For the most part
tmp :
Text my phone

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