Definition & Meaning of "YTMND"

What does ytmnd mean? View the definition of ytmnd and all related slang terms containing ytmnd below:

ytmnd :
You're the man now, dog!

Usage of YTMND

The abbreviation YTMND is a slang term used to congratulate someone on a job well done, typically in a humorous or ironic way. It originated from a popular internet meme featuring actor Sean Connery saying "You're the man now, dog" in the movie "Finding Forrester." The abbreviation has since become a shorthand for expressing approval or admiration towards someone.

Examples of YTMND used in texting:

1. Hey man, I heard you aced your final exam! YTMND!
2. Thanks for helping me move into my new apartment. YTMND, bro!
3. Congrats on getting that job you interviewed for. YTMND!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ytmnd"

ytmnd :
You're the man now, dog!

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