Definition & Meaning of "YDTM"

What does ydtm mean? View the definition of ydtm and all related slang terms containing ydtm below:

ydtm :
You're dead to me

Usage of YDTM

YDTM is an abbreviation that stands for 'You're dead to me'. This phrase is commonly used when someone has done something to betray, hurt or disappoint another person to such an extent that they no longer wish to interact with them. It implies that the relationship between the two parties has come to an end and they are no longer on speaking terms or have any kind of friendly relationship. The use of this abbreviation shows that the person has no interest in repairing the relationship or giving the other person a second chance.

Examples of YDTM used in texting:

1. Person A: "Hey, sorry about what happened. Can we talk about it and work things out?"
Person B: "No, YDTM."

2. Person A: "I can't believe you went behind my back and did that."
Person B: "Whatever, YDTM."

3. Person A: "I miss you, can we hang out again?"
Person B: "Not interested, YDTM."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ydtm"

Wdydtm :
What did you do to me
ydtm :
You're dead to me

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