Definition & Meaning of "SMTM"

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smtm :

Usage of SMTM

The abbreviation SMTM means 'sometime,' which is used to represent an unspecified point in the future. It is commonly used in texting when someone wants to make plans but is unsure of when exactly they will be free or when something will happen. SMTM is a convenient abbreviation that saves time and space when communicating through text messages, allowing for more efficient and effective communication.

Examples of SMTM used in texting:
1. Hey, wanna hang out SMTM this weekend?
2. Can we reschedule our meeting? I'm not feeling well today, but I should be able to meet SMTM next week.
3. I have a few things to finish up today, but I can help you with that project SMTM later if you want.

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smtm :

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