Definition & Meaning of "LTM"

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ltm :
listen to me

Usage of LTM

The commonly used abbreviation 'LTM' means 'listen to me'. It is often used in texting as a way to emphasize the importance of what one is about to say. The use of this abbreviation is common when someone wants to grab the attention of the person they are texting and ensure that they are giving them their full focus.

Examples of LTM used in texting:

1) Hey, I need you to LTM. I have something important to tell you.
2) LTM, I need your honest opinion on this dress I'm thinking of buying.
3) Can you LTM for a second? I'm lost and need directions to your house.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ltm"

ltm :
listen to me
ltmq :
Laugh To Myself Quietly
ltms :
Laughing to my self
qltm :
quietly laughing to myself
wltm :
would like to meet

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