Definition & Meaning of "FOTM"

What does fotm mean? View the definition of fotm and all related slang terms containing fotm below:

fotm :
Flavour of the month

Usage of FOTM

The abbreviation FOTM is commonly used in informal conversations, especially in texting, to refer to something or someone that is popular or trendy at a given time. This expression is often used when referring to a new product or service that is becoming popular or a person who has recently gained fame or attention. FOTM can be used to describe a variety of things that are temporary in their popularity, but at the same time, may also have a significant impact on the culture or society.

Examples of FOTM used in texting:

1. Have you heard about the new social media app? It's the FOTM right now!
2. I can't believe you're still into that game. It's so last month. FOTM has changed!
3. Everyone was obsessed with those shoes for a while, but they are not the FOTM anymore.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "fotm"

fotm :
Flavour of the month

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