Definition & Meaning of "TMTT"

What does tmtt mean? View the definition of tmtt and all related slang terms containing tmtt below:

tmtt :
tell me the truth

Usage of TMTT

The abbreviation TMTT is a shorthand way of asking someone to tell the truth. This is often used in situations where you suspect the person you're talking to might not be completely honest. By using this abbreviation, you can get straight to the point and ask for the truth without having to go into a lengthy explanation.

Examples of TMTT used in texting:

1. Text message from Jenny to Mark: "Hey, did you really forget about our lunch date yesterday? TMTT, were you just not interested?"

2. Text message from John to his friend: "Do you really think I should ask her out? TMTT, do you think she likes me back?"

3. Text message from Sarah to her sister: "I heard some rumors about you and your boyfriend. TMTT, is everything okay between you two?"

These are all examples of TMTT being used in texting to get a straightforward answer from someone. It's a useful abbreviation for cutting through the fluff and getting straight to the truth of the matter.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "tmtt"

tmtt :
tell me the truth

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