Definition & Meaning of "LGTM"

What does lgtm mean? View the definition of lgtm and all related slang terms containing lgtm below:

lgtm :
looks good to me

Usage of LGTM

The abbreviation LGTM is commonly used in text messaging and online conversations as a quick way to convey agreement or approval. LGTM stands for "looks good to me" and is often used when someone is reviewing or approving something, such as a document, photo, or plan. Using LGTM is a simple and efficient way to express approval without having to write out a more lengthy response.

Examples of LGTM used in texting:

1. Hey, can you take a quick look at this report and let me know if it's ready to send to the client? LGTM!
2. I'm sending you the final version of the wedding invitation design now. Please review and let me know if there are any changes needed. LGTM!
3. Thanks for sending over the proposed budget for next quarter. Everything looks good to me. LGTM!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lgtm"

lgtm :
looks good to me

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