Definition & Meaning of "FTM"

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ftm :
female to male

Usage of FTM

The abbreviation FTM stands for 'female to male,' and it is commonly used within the LGBTQ+ community to refer to individuals who were assigned female at birth but identify as male. FTM is used as a way to describe the transition from a female identity to a male one, which may involve medical interventions, such as hormone therapy or surgery, as well as social and emotional changes.

Examples of FTM used in texting:
1. "Did you hear that Alex came out as FTM? He's starting hormone therapy next month." (Example of FTM used to discuss someone's gender identity)
2. "My friend just got top surgery last week! He's finally starting to feel more comfortable in his FTM body." (Example of FTM used to discuss medical interventions related to gender transition)
3. "I'm going to an FTM support group meeting tonight. Want to come with me?" (Example of FTM used to describe a gathering of individuals who are also going through a gender transition)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ftm"

ftm :
female to male
ftmfw :
for the mother f**king win
ftmp :
For the most part

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