Definition & Meaning of "JTBS"

What does jtbs mean? View the definition of jtbs and all related slang terms containing jtbs below:

jtbs :
Just To Be Sure

Usage of JTBS

The abbreviation "JTBS" is often used in texting to imply that one is taking an extra step or action to ensure something is done correctly or accurately. It is typically used when someone wants to avoid any potential misunderstandings or mistakes. For instance, if someone is unsure about a task or decision, they might add “JTBS” to their message to indicate they are taking an extra step to avoid any errors.

Examples of JTBS used in texting:

1. Hey, can you please send me that report by 5 pm, JTBS?
2. I'm not sure if I locked the front door when I left, going to check again JTBS.
3. Do you want me to pick up dinner for everyone on my way home, JTBS?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "jtbs"

jtbs :
Just To Be Sure

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