Definition & Meaning of "J2C"

What does j2c mean? View the definition of j2c and all related slang terms containing j2c below:

j2c :
just too cute

Usage of J2C

J2C is an abbreviation commonly used in text messaging to convey that something or someone is just too cute. It's often used when referring to babies, animals, or even an outfit or hairstyle that looks particularly adorable. The abbreviation is a quick and easy way to express admiration and affection without having to type out a full sentence.

Examples of J2C used in texting:
1) "OMG that picture of your new puppy is J2C!!"
2) "I can't stop looking at the baby videos on Instagram, they're all J2C"
3) "Your little sister's dance recital was J2C, she's such a natural performer!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "j2c"

j2c :
just too cute

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